Programming a STC 1000 temperature controller

If you are like me then you are probably rarely changing the temperature on it, so it’s easy to forget how the controller actually has to be used. In that case, this post on is your friend. While it does not explain all the functionality, then it does actually summarize how you program the… Read More »

Brewing the Baby Ale

It’s been quite a while since I brewed a beer, way too long actually. But since my good friend Charles expects his first born in December, there was more than enough reason to go and make a beer for the occasion. The recipe of choice was for a saison which Andri Mar and me brewed… Read More »

So I crashed my car… and this is a retrospective of it

This is a post where I would like to share my experiences with the aftermath of crashing my car horribly. Hopefully nobody will ever be in the same situation, but from my point of view there are some valuable takeaways from this. The best way is probably to recount the events from what happened immediately… Read More »

Hiking up Hafnarfjall and Gildalshnúkur

We hiked this up on a rather clear day in spring, just after some fresh snow had fallen the night before. The initial ascent was extremely quick and easy except for a somewhat surprising patch of ice just before the first peak. However, the descent turned out to be a nightmare. A lot of snow… Read More »

All-grain White House Honey Ale

This is an all-grain version of the White House Honey Ale. I was a bit sloppy and forgot writing down the OG / FG values, but it turned out as quite a smooth yet strong beer. My guests enjoyed it thoroughly. However, what is really missing is actual Icelandic honey as an ingredient. I figure… Read More »

Snæfellsjökull after Solstice

One day, when we were tossing around ideas on what to do during summer solstice, one of us mentioned that a traditional Icelandic thing to do would be to hike the famous trail from Þórsmörk to Skogar overnight. However, we had just done Laugarvegur the year before and set out to do it again this… Read More »

Snæfell – Iceland’s highest non-glaciated peak

This hike was quite an adventure. We left the office on Friday with all our equipment in a rented Landrover Defender around 16:00 to start the 700 km drive towards mount Snæfell in the east, just a few kilometers north of the famous Vatnajökull glacier. After a typical drive down the south and up the… Read More »

Qt, Visual Studio and the Windows Subsystem

Note: This is an entry I posted to my old blog, I am just keeping it here for history’s sake. I am also not sure how much this is still relevant or if there are better ways to do this nowadays. As commonly known, when building windows applications one usually uses WinMain() instead of main()… Read More »