Outdoor Gear List

Here is an overview over all the gear I currently or previously owned, roughly categorized by function.

Currently used gear

Function Item Weight (g) Comment
Sleeping Bag  Vango Viper 500  1172 (1263 incl. pack sack) Never had a single cold night in this one, very comfy.
Rucksack Exped Backcountry 55 1390 Solid and robust pack with easy access and lots of storage space. Went on a few multi-day hikes with me, and the only complaint I have is that I miss an outside pocket for a water bottle.
Rucksack Deuter Futura 32 1600 Solid pack for day tours, loads of pockets and many attachment points
Mattress Exped Downmat UL 7 M 580 Packs down very small and is super cozy. Quick and easy setup and teardown using the supplied “schnozzel pump sack” which doubles as a stuff sack in function.
Tent MSR Hubba HP 1385 Pitches super quick and has a ton of space for a lightweight, 1 person tent. Very wind- and rain-resistant, tested in typical Icelandic storm conditions.
Outer Layer Pants Berghaus PakLite Pant 185 Awesome, but compromises on features to achieve the light weight. Took an amazing amount of abuse from rocks for this sort of material, however, it tore eventually.
Outer Layer Jacket Cintamani Steinar 530 Solid, durable, keeps you safe from weather, didn’t rip even when the underlying pants get torn apart by rocks.
Fleece Jacket Cintamani Svavar 365 Does its job. A bit more breathable and slightly less warm than the Matthías model. Great for summer and sports.
Fleece Jacket Cintamani Matthías A slightly warmer and less breathable version of the Svavar model.
Base Layer Pants Devolt Active 230 Merino Wool. Useful in most colder conditions.
Base Layer Pants Smartwool 225 Merino Wool. A bit more lightweight than the Devolt Active for those slightly warmer days or more sporty activities.
Base Layer Top Devolt Active 305 Merino Wool. Pendant to the base layer pants on colder days.
Base Layer Top Devolt Multisport 255 Merino Wool. Great combo with the Smartwool pants for warm days or sporty activities.
Down Jacket Patagonia Ultralight Down Hoodie 265 Keeps me very warm. Adjustable waist allows you to give some extra breathing when required. Could be a bit tighter around my neck, though, but hey, what is the balaclava for, right?
Balaclava Cintamani Torfi 59 Way warmer than it looks.
Gloves Marmot Midweight Baselayer Glove 26 If you need only a little bit of warmth around your fingers, also great to wear as “base layer” within other gloves.
Gloves North Face Windstopper 83 Do stop the wind. Do get cold when wet, and they do soak through relatively easy.
Gloves Marmot ??? 216 Sturdy, warm gloves ideal for skiing or deep snow conditions. Not used them much and I would probably like a bit more flexibility, but they do have a good grip.
Lamp Petzl Tikka XP 88 (incl. batteries) Solid piece of equipment, have not researched a lot of other options as I was very happy with this recommendation from my local outdoor shop.
Lamp Petzl Duobelt LED 14 Bought for caving purposes, but have not really used it yet.
Towel PackTowl Ultra Lite L 51 A towel. It dries quickly after use which is nice.


Previously used gear

Function Item Weight (g) Comment
Ice Ax Black Diamond Raven 65 cm 467 Great piece of equipment for winter mountaineering and glacier walks, should maybe have opted for the 70 cm version. Recommendable for everyone who wants to get started.
Mattress Thermarest Trail Lite L 1250 Bit clunky and fairly heavy, takes a moment to pack up. It is comfortable though.

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