Strawberry Blonde

By | 24/03/2014

After a long few weeks of bad weather we finally managed to get a brew going again yesterday. Iceland clearly is not the best place for outdoor boils unless it is summer. It usually tends to be way too windy, especially on my sea-facing balcony. Either way, this session was a bit special since we tried out a new mash tun set up, and it’s the first attempt at a fruit beer. To be more precise, a strawberry blonde, based on this recipe. We made a few adjustments to it: First of all, we substituted the Williamette hops with Fuggle and didn’t use any flaked wheat since we had neither at hand.
What made the day really joyful was the bucket-in-a-bucket mash tun setup inspired by Charles Papazian’s idea. I’ve never seen the mash being lautered this quickly, it only took about 5 minutes! However, it needs a good deal more thinking about insulation than with the re-purposed cooling boxes. But that should be relatively easy to fix with some Styrofoam and an evening of DIY.
Apart from the small issues of keeping temperature (it wasn’t too bad as it never went below 63 degrees Celsius) while mashing, it turned out to be hitting the expected OG quite nicely – post-boil was at 1.048 and about 19.5 liters of wort. Right now it’s peacefully fermenting at 19.5 degrees Celsius, and I am pretty sure that I can add the strawberries come next Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Blonde

  1. Gregor

    Yeah, it did lose a fair bit of temperature but when using the actual sister-bucket as the base I’ve never seen more than a couple degrees of drop. Should’ve checked that there wasn’t 20L of beer in it before we decided to use my setup 😀

  2. Thomas Post author

    Yeah that would probably have been a good idea. (-: Either way, I’m already sketching up the construction of my own mash tun. The sleeping bag idea is pretty cool, and I’m sure with a sleeping bag that’s made for actual cold temperatures the insulation will be even better as well.

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