Brewing the Baby Ale

By | 31/10/2013

It’s been quite a while since I brewed a beer, way too long actually. But since my good friend Charles expects his first born in December, there was more than enough reason to go and make a beer for the occasion. The recipe of choice was for a saison which Andri Mar and me brewed previously, for the occasion of Charles’ 30th birthday.


So we finally ended up making another batch of this Belgian / French Ale Saison today. Things went pretty smoothly in the beginning, but we noticed that our mash tun is showing signs of age as it dropped temperate way too quickly, it went from 67 at the start to almost 60. Subsequently the final yield was not that great either, but the boil kind of fixed it. And with kind of I mean it totally overshot – our post-boil gravity went to 1.069. The loss of the kettle’s lid really starts showing, we are losing a ton of water during boil that we need to compensate for. We were certainly not boiling too vigorously. Either way, it is sitting in the primary now and we’re looking forward to tasting it.

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