Hiking up Hafnarfjall and Gildalshnúkur

By | 07/04/2013

We hiked this up on a rather clear day in spring, just after some fresh snow had fallen the night before. The initial ascent was extremely quick and easy except for a somewhat surprising patch of ice just before the first peak. However, the descent turned out to be a nightmare. A lot of snow cornices made it difficult to find a path that did not just end up at a cliff. Eventually we just bit the bullet and took a slightly sketchy route down, requiring some scrambling among the soft and lose rocks as well as a snowed in gully. I do not recommend following this trail from just before the second peak onward, nor do I recommend hiking this mountain in winter unless you have sufficient experience. In the summer, though, this could be a lot a easier because the actual path should not be blocked by ice and snow.

Some pictures that my good friend Alex took can be found on his flickr set.

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